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  • Designed
    to match your creativity.

    A breathtaking

    Technological prowess
    made in France.
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  • TB has effectively fused design and technology
    to create a whole new range of knives.
    FURTIF is the culmination of TB’s unique ambition
    to blend technological and creative excellence.

    The FURTIF’s Evercut technology results in a truly
    exceptional blade. Its cutting performance is 300 times*
    superior to that of the steel knives currently available.

    And to allow the technological excellence to truly liberate
    the talents of its users, the unparalleled performance
    of the knife must be matched by its elegance.
    During the design process of this unique range, the TB
    Design team deliberately abandoned the established codes
    to make these knives genuine works of art.
    *Independent laboratory tests (Cutting test standard ISO 8442-5 2005)
  • Designed
    to match your creativity
    Everything in this new range has been
    designed for comfort and precision.

    The angles of the facets provide a natural
    and intuitive grip, facilitating manipulation
    of the blade and transforming every
    movement into a precise cutting gesture.
    A breathtaking
    Every FURTIF knife is fitted with a non-stick blade for uncompromising cutting pleasure.
    The professional stainless steel blades are exceptionally hard,
    with no room for weakness or fragility.
    They are corrosion-resistant and completely dishwasher safe.
    With the benefit of the revolutionary EVERCUT® technology,
    FURTIF knives are dressed in black from head to toe for
    unrivalled elegance and an infinite edge.
  • The fruit of five years’ research and development, Evercut is a revolutionary technology applied to the segments of the steel blade. This unrivalled technical prowess, which involves titanium carbide laser bonding, creates blades of exceptional strength and flexibility. Coupled with extremely high machining pressure, this revolutionary process makes the TB Evercut blades the best and finest on earth.

    Each and every FURTIF knife is
    a numbered single model.
    You can register your guarantee on
    All our knives are conceived, designed and certified here at the TB family firm in France, located in Thiers for no less than 5 generations.

    Year after year, TB demonstrates its excellent quality management as well as its ecological commitment, for which it has been awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001certification, highlighting the excellence of its production and its handling of environmental issues in its operation. The “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label, awarded to TB by the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry is a clear indication of the quality that underlines their know-how, workmanship and passion.
  • Chef's knife 19 cm
    If you're looking for a chef's knife you will always find it in the chef’s hand! It is the most commonly available knife in a kitchen as it is the original all-purpose knife. You will always find it useful for any kind of cooking.
    Vegetables, meat, fruits, it rocks and slices everything on your cutting board. To put it simply, the chef's knife is the knife. Our FURTIF EVERCUT version turns it into THE knife.
  • Santoku 19 cm
    The Santoku knife, as its name suggests, comes from Japan. It can be seen as the equivalent of the western chef's. Indeed it now represents a bridge between these two food cultures.
    That's what may have made it successful: it cuts as well as a chef with a slight inclination for fish and delicate vegetables (such as mushrooms).
    Our Santoku version makes the best of the Furtif EVERCUT design. Works like a charm, slices them all.
  • Kitchen knife 21 cm
    Also known as a Cook's knife, it is the longest blade of the Furtif range. It slices everything that is big, particularly cooked meat!
    It is a quite impressive knife in your kitchen as well as on your table. It is fast, precise, a real slicing weapon. That is the promise the Kitchen knife will keep.
  • Multipurpose knife 11 cm
    The multipurpose is an hybrid knife. It is in-between a chef and a paring knife. In-between slicing and carving. To some extent it refers to the old utility knife that will widen your range.
    Good for vegetable and meat works, its typical use is for julienne and tartar. In its Furtif EVERCUT design it is a perfect tool to take advantage of in your kitchen. Once you have tried it, you will know!
  • Paring knife 9 cm
    The paring knife is the shortest blade of the FURTIF range. Short does not mean little for you will be able to get the biggest precision ever in your food works.
    Dedicated to peeling and small or complicated work (cutting small fruits and vegetables or garnishes) it is the usual companion of the chef's knife, one you cannot spare.
Lifetime cutting guarantee
Each Furtif EVERCUT as a unique serial number that allows you to register your guarantee.

Either by sending us back the specific leaflet by mail or on the Internet.

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